August 31 2018

Gum Leaves– This week (Wed-Fri) Please note that Grade 7’s should be picked up at 1:00 on their return to school.

Northern Territory Trip– We have enough students interested to make this trip possible. There are spaces available. Please let us know if you would like your child to attend.

Personal Growth and Relationship Growth– 10/9-12/9 Grades 5-10. Please note that there is a Parent Session Monday 10/9 8:30-9:00 for interested parents of Grade5/6 students.

Dress Code– Extended artificial nails are not suitable for school. Specialist teachers are concerned they are inhibiting and potentially dangerous.

Food Policy– We are committed to a healthy diet on a school day for all the obvious reasons and we are committed to keeping sweets and sweet drinks out of school. Some children have begun to bring them to school. We ask that parents make sure that these items are not bought to school.

Maria Island camp (Oct 30-Nov2) – Grade 10’s will be camping and will need a tent which may be shared, sleeping bag and a sleeping mat. If any of these items present a problem please let Steve know as the school does have some equipment. Grade 10’s do not need to bring any food as they share meal times with the other students.

Computer games– A number of parents have expressed concern about the computer games young people are playing and discussing at school. The game Fortnight for example, is a matter for concern. It is considered unsuitable for children under 12 years of age. It allows people of all ages to have conversations with children.

We consider this issue to be one for parents but feel that parents should always be aware of their children’s computer activity and not ever let them play behind closed doors.

Wilma Lambert