The aim of education at Lambert School is the development of reflective, creative and responsible thought and the creation of life-long learners It is vital to the School that what is taught, and the ways in which it is taught, should inspire the students to value themselves, to recognise, accept and develop their individual gifts and talents and to encourage others to do the same.

Learning at Lambert School focuses on methods that support student engagement through:

  • collaborative teamwork
  • communication
  • problem-solving
  • creating and expression through multiple modes
  • making connections.

Lambert Schools teaching and learning philosophy is continually reshaped by current research on effective pedagogy practices in teaching and learning. Staff and students build relationships to promote a learning environment that cultivates confidence, communication and mutual respect. Students are encouraged to develop positive relationships between students, staff, community and the environment. All students are encouraged and supported so they remain motivated, ambitious and achieve to the best of their ability. Teachers engage students to develop a passion for life-long learning through encouraging, challenging with support and guiding them. We strive to prepare students for life’s journey by developing a sense of meaning and purpose, responsible decision making, developing resilience and resourcefulness for adaptability.

Our aim is to provide Quality Teaching and Learning opportunities for all children to become successful learners, confident & creative individuals and active & informed citizens. Lambert School builds a sense of community, identity and belonging that provides a positive, safe environment for quality learning.