End of Year and Back to School

November 30 -Dec 2

  • Grade 9 and 10 exams.

December 3

  • Grades 4-10 Sports Excursion to Supaworld 1:30-2:30 (nothing special required).

December 4 

  • Grade 10 traditional walk on Mt Wellington with Cheryl and Stephen.

December 8

  • End of year picnic to Chauncey Vale. Arrive at school by 9:00 (9:30 depart). Students leave school at 3:00. Bring lunch, morning tea, drinks, sunscreen, hat and coat.

December 9 

  • Grade 10 dinner at the Grand Chancellor, 7pm.
  • Grade 10 students leave school at 12pm to prepare for dinner.


The conditions and number of visitors are different this year due to Covid restrictions.

Please hand sanitize and sign the visitor’s book on arrival.

Year 9-10 drama performance Monday December 7 2:45 Drama Room –visitors restricted to a maximum of 2 parents’ of 9/10 students only.

December 10 

End of Year Music Concert 9:15-10:45 held outside if weather is fine- a maximum of 2 relatives/student may attend. After the concert due to health restrictions we will need all visitors except parents of Grade 10’s to leave while we have morning tea and farewell to Grade 10’s.

If the weather is raining or windy on the morning of the concert, we will have the concert inside and will only be able to have relatives of grade 10 students present.

All students break up at 12pm December 10.

Secondary Students return February 2nd .

Primary Students return February 3rd  

On behalf of all our staff we wish all our school community a very happy restful holiday.

– Wilma  


School Fees (9 X $120) = $1080


Maria Island Camp = $120


TOTAL = $1200


There will be a second note going home October 26 with details for Maria Island.


All students should have a hat at school for sun protection during the middle of the day.


School policy is for all student phones to be turned off before entering the school at the beginning of the day and not to be turned on again until leaving. Students may request use of the school phone to speak with Carers, if needed.


This is an integral part of the secondary student programme – set weekly in English and Maths and at differing intervals in other subjects. Please contact at any time for information.



Please text Tom at 0457807806 for advice on accessing LMS, for passwords etc.


Please see website and enrolment pack for policies on homework, dress, etc. Some of these have been altered, especially dress policy in regards to fingernails.