July 30 2019

Social Media

We had a very worrying incident last week involving very inappropriate messages being sent on a social media site. We regard this action as abusive, destructive and bullying. It is important that parents regard social media as part of the student’s world that parents must help them negotiate. Parents need to check their children’s social media interchanges as a protection of their own child and to assist us in keeping our students safe from bullying, nastiness and corruption.

All parents should be aware of our ICT Policy which is signed on enrolment and is on our website.

Term Dates

July 22nd– September 27th

Please note Winter Timetable will continue till end of term and then return to 3:45 finish time for Secondaries.



September 3rd

Revolting Rhymes

For Grades 3- 7 (during school time)




September 6th – 13th

Northern Territory Optional Excursion

Final payment is now due. Total cost is $2300 per student.



September 19th

Footsteps Dance Workshop

For Grades 3-10 (during school time



September 27th

Possum Magic

For Grades Prep – 4 (during school time)




    2019 Term Dates


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