Term 4 2018

October 15- December 13


School returns 2019

Secondaries-Tuesday, February 5th

Primaries and Infants Wednesday, February 6th.

Please note fees will increase to $120/school week next year.


Maria Island

Grades 3-10 Oct 30- Nov 2 Note Attached, please sign and return.


Northern Territory 2019

We have 18 expressions of interest for the trip in September 2019. If you wish to add your child’s name please contact Steve for details. A deposit of $1000 will be required in Term 1 and the remainder 2 months before departure.


Exams Grade 10

These will take place in the 8th week of term (Dec3-7). Students should be encouraged to plan and revise. Assessment will be based mainly on the year’s work while the exams will be preparation for exams at Senior College.


Hats are essential at school and for excursions and camps. All students must have a hat in their bag or box to be used whenever we are outside.


Break up

For all students 12:00pm Thursday December 13.






Maria Island Camp 2018 OCTOBER 30- NOVEMBER 2

This camp is for all secondary and primary students. It is an essential part of our school curriculum and forms the base of work that will follow in the next weeks. The curriculum emphases will be on writing, history, science, drama, outdoor education, environmental studies and art. Adults accompanying students will be Wilma, Lewis, Jeanette, Steve, Bob, Eve, Ben, Anita and Anoushka. We hope that it will be as enjoyable for teachers and students as it always has been.

Students need to bring:


  1. Sleeping bag
  2. Towel and toiletries
  3. Clothes for both hot and cold weather (including a coat and strong shoes)
  4. Hat and sunscreen
  5. Diary, reading book and pencil case
  6. Grade 10’s will also need equipment for camping: tent or share tent, sleeping bag, sleeping mat and torch*Please note that a hat and warm coat are essential



  1. Bathers and beach towel
  2. Camera but not as part of an electronic device
  3. Sunglasses
  4. Pillow
  5. Torch


– Students should not bring mobile phones, money, electronic games, sweets, food, food utensils, or any items which could be considered illegal or dangerous e.g. pocket knives and matches.

– Gear should be in a soft bag and be able to be carried by the student. Do not tie sleeping bag to bags.


Please tell Steve before Tuesday October 30st of any medication your child needs and please give it to him before Tuesday morning. THIS IS MOST IMPORTANT. Also in case of being stuck on Maria due to bad weather at least one extra day’s medication must be provided.

Departure Tuesday October 30st

Grades 8-10 students need to be at school at 7:45am.

Grades 3-7 will need to arrive at 8:00 am.

Please don’t be late as bus will depart very soon after this time

Arriving back at school Friday November 2nd

Grades 3-7      4:15

Grades 8-10    4:30



Please note that we have 2 buses requiring access to the school so please do not park on the school bus zone or in front of the school when dropping off or picking up. On return to school we will need students to help unpack the bus before they leave. We are hoping to get all the grade 3-7 bags on the first bus but if this is not achievable then you may need to wait for the second bus to return.

The camp fee is $100 and should be paid in the week before the camp. The morning of departure is too busy for the receipting of fees. 

Northern Territory Trip– We have enough students interested to make this trip possible. There are spaces available. Please let us know if you would like your child to attend.

Personal Growth and Relationship Growth– 10/9-12/9 Grades 5-10. Please note that there is a Parent Session Monday 10/9 8:30-9:00 for interested parents of Grade5/6 students.

Dress Code– Extended artificial nails are not suitable for school. Specialist teachers are concerned they are inhibiting and potentially dangerous.

Food Policy– We are committed to a healthy diet on a school day for all the obvious reasons and we are committed to keeping sweets and sweet drinks out of school. Some children have begun to bring them to school. We ask that parents make sure that these items are not bought to school.

Maria Island camp (Oct 30-Nov2) – Grade 10’s will be camping and will need a tent which may be shared, sleeping bag and a sleeping mat. If any of these items present a problem please let Steve know as the school does have some equipment. Grade 10’s do not need to bring any food as they share meal times with the other students.

Computer games– A number of parents have expressed concern about the computer games young people are playing and discussing at school. The game Fortnight for example, is a matter for concern. It is considered unsuitable for children under 12 years of age. It allows people of all ages to have conversations with children.

School fees increase

-At the start of 2019 there will be a school fee increase of $20/week. Lambert School fess have not increased for at least 8 years but due to increased operating costs and wages it is now necessary to make this increase.


Term Dates

Term 4
October 15 – December 13

Please note Lambert School does not have any student free days during term only public holidays and the Friday after The Hobart Show.


End of Term 4
Formal reports for all Prep- Grade 9 students.
Results and Certificates for Grade 10s.

Term 4
9 weeks at $100.00 per week $900.00.

Please see our dress code. Hats are essential for all students.

2019 Term Dates

Term 1


Secondaries February 5th

Primaries February  6th


April 12th

Term 2


April 29th


July 5th

Term 3


July 22nd


September 27th

Term 4


October 14th


December 12th