School returns for Prep to Grade 7 Monday May 25th and then for Grades 8, 9 and 10, on Tuesday June 9th after the Queen’s Birthday long weekend. Both teachers and students are very pleased to return to school learning,

The teachers are most appreciative of parents’ role in their children’s education. In many cases it has enabled the children to succeed beyond expectations.

Please note that on our return it is important students are not sent to school with any symptoms of possible illness. We will continue to observe social distancing and strong attention to hygiene.

We continue to follow the Tasmania Health Advice and the directions of the state premier. 



Term 2             27 April – 3 July

Term 3             20 July – 25 September

Term 4             10 October – 10 December



All students should have a hat at school for sun protection during the middle of the day.



School policy is for all student phones to be turned off before entering the school at the beginning of the day and not to be turned on again until leaving. Students may request use of the school phone to speak with Carers, if needed.



This is an integral part of the secondary student programme – set weekly in English and Maths and at differing intervals in other subjects. Please contact at any time for information.



– Updated new number

Please text Tom at 0457807806 for advice on accessing LMS, for passwords etc.


Please see website and enrolment pack for policies on homework, dress, etc. Some of these have been altered, especially dress policy in regards to fingernails.