Chairperson – Kirsten Bacon

Kirsten Bacon is a senior college teacher who has worked with classes from Primary to TAFE in both the public and independent sectors. Kirsten has a long association with Lambert School. She is passionate about offering children opportunities to have real authentic educational experiences that engage children in their education. In her current professional role she is working with young adults providing experiences that empower them to make good decisions based on their school learning. Kirsten is excited about her new role as chairperson and looking forward to being a part of the ongoing development and progress of the school.

Deputy Chairperson – Kate Gillham

Kate is employed as a Growth and Development consultant for an organisation that provides support to people with a mental illness or disability.  She has a background in developing values based teams and leadership frameworks for both professional and community groups and is passionate about providing individual approaches that create opportunities for people to live their life to the full.   Kate is a parent of children who currently attend Lambert School, has previously sat on the school’s Review and Development committee and this year, will be joining the Lambert School Board.  Kate is excited be a part of the ongoing development of the school and to bring excellence in opportunity and learning for the students at Lambert School.

Secretary / Treasurer – Tai Gardner

Tai Gardner graduated from the University of Tasmania with a Bachelor of Science (Hons) in 2012. Tai is currently a researcher at the University of Tasmania and has a long relationship with Lambert School, being both an ex-student and a current part-time employee. Tai has been on the Lambert School board for five years and has sat on its Review and Development board in this time. Tai believes that all decisions should be framed in order to achieve the most benefit for the students.

Board member – Sappho Jean

Sappho currently runs her own health focussed food business in Hobart, providing catering services to various events and organisations throughout the state. Sappho is passionate about facilitating the opportunity for young people to grow their confidence and skill set through practical work experience and cooking workshops. Holding a double major in communications and art history, Sappho has had a diverse career in the fields of tourism and communications that has seen her travel extensively to the far corners of the globe. She sees great value in the benefits that practical and supported, real life experiences afford young people and is honoured to be able to contribute to the Lambert School community.


Board Member – Bob Fletcher

Bob Fletcher has taught mathematics and science at Lambert School since 2014.

Growing up in England, he developed a fascination with the natural world, leading to a deep interest in science.   This included contributing to several wildlife reports and wardening on Bardsey Island off the Welsh coast. After graduating from  the University of Sheffield with an honours degree in Physical Geography and Ecology, Bob served in village pubs, travelled and worked for laser and semiconductor companies.   Travels led him to Tasmania and a career in the tourism industry. Wishing to return to something science-related, he then studied for a Master of Teaching at UTAS, enabling a new career in teaching.   In this time he has continued to travel widely and pursue hobbies such as photography, birdwatching, snorkelling and astronomy. 

His philosophy in teaching is to nurture questioning and curiosity, enabling students to develop their understanding through exploration of ideas in a creative environment.    Always wanting to improve his own practice, he is committed to professional development, including attending STEM X events and engaging students in real science. In order to help students achieve their best educational outcomes and opportunities, Bob sits on the Science Teachers Association of Tasmania board and is editor of the ‘Static’ science teachers newsletter.    His involvement on the school board allows teacher representation and a commitment to focus upon positive student outcomes.