Upcoming Events

September 25th

Music concert– Wednesday September 25th 9am in the Drama room, followed by a ten minute talk with photos on the Central Desert experience.


September 25th – 26th

Tennis lessons continue this week and next (Wednesday25th and Thursday26th). These are funded by Sporting Schools Australia, organised by Declan and much enjoyed by all.


September 27th

Term 3 finishes normal time


October 14th

Term 4 Commences. Summer time table returns with Secondaries finishing at 3:45, no change for Primaries- except for a 15 min longer lunch break.


October 24th – 25th

Hobart Show Рno school Thursday 24th October and Friday 25th.

October 29th – November 1st

Maria island camp is straight after the Hobart Show break Tuesday October 29th– Friday November 1st (note regarding the camp will be sent home next term). This is a camp for grades 3-10. There will be normal classes with Cheryl for the infants during the camp.