Lambert School Term 2 Notice


  Term Dates:
  • April 21 to July 2
  • Queen’s Birthday Public Holiday June 14th
  Winter Timetable for Secondaries
  • School finishes at 3:30pm from May 31st
  • All students from Grades 3 to 10
  • Monday April 26th to May 7th
  • Primary students will leave school by bus for Collegiate pool at 9am.
  • Students will need bathers, goggles and a swimming cap
  Learning Management System (LMS) for Secondaries
  • The LMS will be ready to use next week. A note will follow
  Dress Policy
  • A reminder that long artificial nails, torn stockings, mini-skirts and torn jeans are not appropriate for school.

Lambert School Term 1 note

Welcome back to all our students and teachers.


Term 1 2/2 to 31/3

Term 2 21/4 to 2/7

Term 3 19/7 to 24/9

Term 4 11/10 to 9/12


Term 1 public holidays: Regatta day (Monday 8th of February), Eight-hour day (Monday 8th of March)


No out-of-Tasmania trips planned for 2021. We are hoping to travel to Canberra next year and internationally in 2023 (Covid-permitting)

Term 2: Grade 8/9/10 – Science Camp.

Term 3: Inf/Pr/Gr7 – Gum Leaves.

Term 4: All students – Maria Island.


Required materials

A reminder to all students and parents. All educational materials and food are provided, but students from Grade 4 need to bring and have with them each day a pencil case. Their pencil case should contain pencils, pens, a sharpener, glue stick, scissors and a ruler. Secondaries also need a protractor and a compass.

School picnic

Thursday February 4th. Weather permitting all students will leave school for a picnic lunch. This will be provided as usual.


Please read policy on school website. All students need a shading hat at school for outside times. Please note that students should be dressed for engagement in learning – closed shoes, no artificial nails or make-up.




Homework is an essential part of the secondary learning programme. English is set on Monday and is due completed on Thursday. Maths is set Monday and Wednesday and is due the next day. In week 1 English and Maths will be set Tuesday and Maths will be set Thursday.

Shakespeare in the Gardens

An evening excursion for all secondary students.

Note to follow.



Our Learning Management System is set so that secondary students’ parents can see their child’s progress and homework marks. Please contact Cheryl for help with accessing this.

New students will receive their login this week.


All Parents

Please contact Wilma for any concerns about your child’s progress or well-being. If a phone call is not answered, please send an email asking for a call back.



Please Return to school

Please enter your continuing or contact information so that we can keep your details current.


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Parent/carer two



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Wilma Lambert