2024 March Notice

School closes for Easter normal time Thursday March 29 and returns Wednesday April 3.

Swimming Lessons at Collegiate Pool

Wednesday April 3 to Thursday April 11 inclusive.
Classes for Grades 3 – 10
These are from recess to lunch daily.

Students need:

– Towel
– Swimmers
– Swimming cap (essential)
– Goggles (optional)

in a plastic bag. They might prefer to wear bathers to school or change at school. There are good showers and change rooms. For hygiene reasons students do not change in the toilets.

End of Term 1

Term 1 finishes April 12 at normal time and Term 2 begins Monday April 29.

Learning Management System (LMS)

LMS for students in Grades 7 – 10. Parents are able to view student progress and homework results. If you do not have a password please contact Nina. At the end of the first week of term 2 teachers will post a report/comment on student’s progress.


Nina posts regularly on events at school. If you wish to join this group, request on Lambert School Facebook Page. You will be asked your connection to the school.

Reports & Parent Teacher Meetings (Secondary students)

Reports will be posted in the final week of Term 2. In Term 3, week 1, Parent Teacher Meetings will be held. Parents are encouraged to contact by phone, email whenever necessary.

Parents of Primary / Infant students should make an appointment if needed after school hours (3:30pm)


Please contact by email or phone before 8:30am


2024 Term 1 Notice

February 6, 2024

This is the 50th year since Wilma began the school with her daughter and children of friends at her kitchen table while her youngest child slept in his cot.

We celebrate the work of Caroline Jackson, awarded Order of Australia for her work with language teaching. We are privileged to have her continuing her work with our students.

We begin 2024 with the unusual situation of major staff changes. Stephen, science teacher, administrator for many years who contributed to much to the establishment of this building, to our camps, interstate and overseas travel and the development of the present administrative structure of the school.

Bob, our science teacher who inspired a love of science, learning and the environment. He is replaced by Dr Tai Gardner.

Cheryl, a teacher for 10 years who contributed to many aspects of the school and was our infant and history teacher. She is replaced by Carron Peterson who has worked for the past weeks to create an inspiring environment.

Dates 2024

Term 1

February 6/7 – April 12


February 12 – Regatta Day
March 11 – Labor Day
March 29 – April 1, 2 Easter

Term 2

April 29 – July 5

Term 3

July 22 – September 27

Term 4

October 14 – December 12


Swimming classes

Grade 3 – 10

April 3 – 11

Secondaries only

We have changed the time of finishing to accommodate various bus times to 3:15.

Wilma Lambert

Term 4 Notice

Correction from Term 3 notice

I apologise for the wrong date for our last day as stated in the notice at the end of last term. The correct date is Thursday December 14th at 12pm.


Fees this term are $1080 for the nine weeks.


Return dates 2024

Teachers           January 29th

Secondaries      February 6th

Primaries          February 7th


Notable dates this term

November 2nd               Secondary self-defence concludes.

November 8th                Secondary excursion to Mt Pleasant Observatory

November 15th              All school excursion to Risdon Brook dam for cross country (normally Maria Island).

November 22nd             Drama Experience.

November 28th              Drama Experience.

November 29th              Big Monkey Theatre at The Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens for Primaries and infants.

December 6-8th             Grade 9/10 exams.

December 12th              School picnic to Chauncy Vale.

December 13th              Grade 10 Dinner.

December 14th              Last day of term, finishing for all students and teachers at 12pm. Parents of year 10 students are welcome to spend the morning with us.

Last Week of Term 3

25 September 2023

Term ends Friday September 29. Normal time.


September 26

Guitar students showing of work. 1pm (very short). Parents welcome.


September 27

Whole school visit to Bonorong Park Wildlife Sanctuary


September 28

Grades 9/10 attend Bell Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night


Term 4

October 16

Summer timetable. Finish 3:45 pm

9 week term

Show Day Break October 26, 27

No Maria Island Camp this year. Instead a series of day excursions to support the same curriculum areas. No extra charge. 

Finish 12 pm December 13


2024 Back to School

Secondaries Tuesday February 6

Primaries + Infants Wednesday February 7

Teachers at school for preceeding week

Gum Leaves Camp Sep 20 - 22 2023

A Camp for Primary Students from Grade 1 to Grade 6

This is a happy time in which we enjoy each other’s company, have lots of fun and learn many different things. The accommodation is very comfortable and the activities are happily anticipated by those who have been before. Cheryl and Carron will be looking after the students. All food and drink is supplied. Nicholas is our cook and his meals are heartily enjoyed by all. Children should not bring any sweets, drinks, money, phones or electronic games.


Students will need to bring:

Sleeping Bag




Warm clothes

Comfortable shoes

Change of clothing and underwear for 2 days

Toilet essentials (towel, soap, toothbrush, hair brush etc.)

Cheryl should be notified of any medical requirements or special needs before the camp, no later than by end of Monday please.

The cost of the camp is $120 and should be paid in advance.

Students should arrive at school at the normal time before camp (bus will leave at 9:15), and will be ready for collection on Friday September 22nd at 12:30pm. Please speak to Cheryl about any issues which you might have regarding the trip.


Wilma Lambert




Please tear off and return

I have received the Gumleaves Camp Notice.


Signed……………………………..                    Student’s Name……………………………………

Winter Wellness Information For Parents

College dates for 2024 enrolments

Hobart College
Hobart College Taster Day – Thursday 22nd June 2023
Parent Information Evening – Tuesday 1st August 2023

Rosny College
30th May – Parent information session
15th June – Taster Day

Elizabeth College
Information session – 7th of June
Taster Day – 13th of June

Hobart information evening – 2nd of May
Glenorchy information evening – 4th of May

Extra Swimming Information

Swimming starts today 1 May 2023

Please make sure your child has a bathing cap as well as bathers, towel and possibly goggles.
Please note that this programme is our biggest investment of time and money, totally paid for by the school. While many students resist swimming lessons they remain an essential part of our safety, health and well being program and considered most important by the Federal and State
Departments’ of Education.

In an island state, with a national record for drowning last summer, we consider this program of
overwhelming importance to the futures of our students.
Please make sure your child receives these lessons as they are pre – paid by the school.

Term and Holiday Breaks 2023

Term 1
8 February – 5 April

6 April – 25 April

Term 2 – 11 week term
26 April – 7 July

8 July – 24 July

Term 3
25 July – 29 September

30 September – 15 October

Term 4
16 October – 13 December



Secondaries back to school 6 Feb

Primary/Early Childhood  back to school 7 Feb

Staff back to school – 29 January

Term 2 Important Dates

April 26th – July 7th
Winter Timetable
The winter timetable begins on May 29th and ends at the end of term 3. Secondary students finish
at 3:30pm during this time. End of school for Primaries is unaffected, however the lunch period for
all students runs from 12:30 to 1:00 during the winter timetable.

Fees for term 2 are $120 per week for 10 weeks.

Swimming Lessons
Weeks 2 and 3 of term. Swimming lessons are for all Primary and Secondary students. This is a major
commitment to the health and safety of our students. For these ten days students will need bathers,
towel, goggles, and a swimming cap (this is compulsory as per the venue’s rules).
For these two weeks, Primaries will finish at 3pm on Friday.

In Term 3, Primaries, Infants, and Grade 7s will attend Gum Leaves camp September 20-22. More
details closer to the date.

School Policies
All school policies are on the website, and parents are encouraged to read this material.

Interim reports will be posted this week. A more thorough report will be provided at the end of Term
2, with Parent-Teacher interviews in Term 3.

All Secondary parents and Carers should now have access to their children’s progress. If you do not
have access please contact Nina at nina@lambertschool.tas.edu.au

Photos and News are posted in our Facebook Group by Nina so that parents and families can follow
our daily activities. To access this group you must answer the membership questions.

Term 1 Notice 07/02/2023

Welcome back students!


February 7th
Secondaries return to school.

February 8th
Primaries and Infants return.

February 13th
Regatta Day Holiday.

February 14th
Secondary Sunrise Writing Excursion (see below).

February 22-23th
Secondary Homunculus Workshops.

March 8th
Secondary First Aid.

March 9th
Primary First Aid.

March 13th
Eight Hours Day Public Holiday.

April 6th
End of Term.


Sunrise Excursion

This is part of our writing and recording in 2023, A Year in Our Lives. Students are requested to arrive at school at 5:30am with a warm coat. We are travelling to the Springs, Mt Wellington, to view and write about the sunrise. Nicholas will cook our breakfast and then we will return to school for lessons.


Parent/carer information

  • Fees this term come to 9 weeks at $120 per week.
  • If you have not done so recently, please read our policies on our website
  • All parents/carers are invited to follow their children’s school day in our Facebook group. When joining, please make sure to answer the membership question or you might not be granted access.
  • Learning Management System. Please ask Nina for your password to see your child’s ongoing assessments. This is accessed through the school website. 2023 results will start being posted in week 3. Nina’s email is nina@lambertschool.tas.edu.au
  • Please remember that all students must have their own pencil, pen, rubber, glue stick, and ruler. All other stationary is supplied.
  • Students must bring a hat to be worn outside and a drink bottle for general use.


Wilma Lambert

Lambert School Term 1 2023: Important dates

Term Start (Secondary):
Tuesday 7th of February 2023

Term Start (Primary):
Wednesday 8th of February 2023

Term End:
Thursday 6th of April 2023

Regatta Day:
Monday 13th of February 2023

Eight-Hours Day:
Monday 13th of March 2023