Newsletter: End of Term Three:

  • Term 3 ends normal time this Friday -12:30 Primaries and Infants, 3:30 Secondaries.
  • Term 4 commences on Monday October 11th and finishes at 12:00 Thursday December 9

           We will be returning to our summer timetable for term 4       – 3:45 finish for secondaries.

  • Growing Up Programme for Grades 5- 10 will run in the 2nd week of term Oct 18-20.
  • Lambert School will be closed Oct 21 for the Hobart Show and the following day, Oct 22, for Maria Island preparation.
  • Maria Island Camp is for Grades 4-10 Tuesday October 26th – Friday 29th.

For the Camp Secondaries will need to be at school at 8:30 and we are expecting to be back at 4:45.

And the Primaries will need to be at school by 9:15 and we are expecting them to be back at 4:30.

A more informative note about the Camp will be sent home in the previous week.


 Maria Island School Camp

Maria Island Camp 2020 October 26-29

This camp is for all secondary and primary students. It is an essential part of our school curriculum and forms the base of work that we will follow in the next weeks. The curriculum emphases will be on writing, history, science, drama, outdoor education, environmental studies and art. Adults accompanying students will be Wilma, Steve, Bob, Cheryl, Tai, Nick and Natalie. We hope that it will be as enjoyable for teachers and students as it always has been.

Students need to bring:


  1. Sleeping bag
  2. Towel and toiletries
  3. Clothes for both hot and cold weather (including a coat and strong shoes)
  4. Hat and sunscreen
  5. Diary, reading book and pencil case
  6. *Please note that a hat and warm coat are essential



  1. Bathers and beach towel
  2. Camera but not as part of a phone
  3. Sunglasses
  4. Pillow
  5. Torch


– Students should not bring mobile phones, money, electronic games, sweets, food, food utensils, or any items which could be considered illegal or dangerous e.g. pocket knives and matches.

– Gear should be in a soft bag and be able to be carried by the student. Do not tie sleeping bag to bags.


Please pass over all medications and completed consent form (if required) to Steve NO LATER THAN Monday morning Oct 25th. THIS IS MOST IMPORTANT. Also, in case of being stuck on Maria due to bad weather at least one extra day’s medication must be provided.

-All prescribed medication must include pharmacy labelled box or note from doctor. Indicating dose and time to be given.

-All Prescribed Medication must be identifiable, in its original foil tray or bottle. This is a safety issue. This is required to comply with government regulations and without such information we will be unable to include your child on the camp.

-Parents need to fill out the attached administering of medication sheet and return with handover of medication. Example below


Parents complete shaded section – please print clearly





                                                                                                           Time to be







Medication Name

Amoxil forte







Strength (e.g. 100 mg)


Dose  1

3 times a day







Route (e.g. Oral)








Additional information

Taken with food








  • Departure Tuesday October26

Grades 8-10 students need to be at school at 8:30am for a 9:00 departure.

Grades 1-7 will need to arrive at 9:00 am for a 9:30 departure.

Please don’t be late as bus will depart promptly at stated time

  • Arriving back at school Friday November 6th  

Grades 1-7      4:45

Grades 8-10    5:00



Please note that we have 2 buses requiring access to the school so please do not park on the school bus zone or in front of the school when dropping off or picking up. On return to school we will need students to help unpack the bus before they leave. We are hoping to get all the grade 1-7 bags on the first bus but if this is not achievable then you may need to wait for the second bus to return.

The camp fee is $120 and should be paid in the week before the camp. The morning of departure is too busy for the receipting of camp fees. Please fill out and return the slip below.












Please sign and return to school as soon as possible.

I have received notice of the Maria Island Camp and have read the Lambert School’s Camp Policy on our public website)


Student Name……………………………………………………………


Parent Signature………………………………………………………..




In case of a minor medical situation I give permission for Panadol to be administered to my child


first aid provided as required.



Administration of Medication on Lambert School Camp:



Term 3 2021 (July 19 to September 24)


School Camps

August 11-13 Grade 9/10 Science Camp at Lake St Clair

September 15-17 Prep to Grade 7 camp at Gumleaves on the East Coast.

The note for Gumleaves can be accessed via the link below:


More detailed notes will follow closer to camps.


Parent-Teacher Information evening for Secondary Parents

Thursday July 22 from 6-9pm. This is an important follow up to these reports and your child’s progress in the first half of the year. On Monday July 19th your child will bring home an appointment schedule for you to indicate teachers you wish to see and your preferred times. The child will then make appointments with the teacher at school and bring the appointment schedule back to you.

Please note that Primary/Infant parents can make appointments at any time and are encouraged to keep in touch with the teachers.


LMS Access

The LMS (Learning Management System) is now functioning. It can be accessed from the LMS link on the front page of the Lambert School website. Your child’s login details for your child are attached. Please ring Cheryl at Lambert or drop in after 3 or before 9 for her to help you with access. Your child’s ongoing results are now posted weekly.


Covid Precautions

We will have a QR code at the front doors of the school for parents and visitors. If you do not have a device that can scan this code then please leave your details in the visitors’ log book. While a requirement for all adults, this is not required for students.


Lambert School Term 2 Notice



Term Dates:

  • April 21 to July 2
  • Queen’s Birthday Public Holiday June 14th


Winter Timetable for Secondaries

  • School finishes at 3:30pm from May 31st



  • All students from Grades 3 to 10
  • Monday April 26th to May 7th
  • Primary students will leave school by bus for Collegiate pool at 9am.
  • Students will need bathers, goggles and a swimming cap


Learning Management System (LMS) for Secondaries

  • The LMS will be ready to use next week. A note will follow


Dress Policy

  • A reminder that long artificial nails, torn stockings, mini-skirts and torn jeans are not appropriate for school.


Lambert School Term 1 note

Welcome back to all our students and teachers.


Term 1 2/2 to 31/3

Term 2 21/4 to 2/7

Term 3 19/7 to 24/9

Term 4 11/10 to 9/12


Term 1 public holidays: Regatta day (Monday 8th of February), Eight-hour day (Monday 8th of March)


No out-of-Tasmania trips planned for 2021. We are hoping to travel to Canberra next year and internationally in 2023 (Covid-permitting)

Term 2: Grade 8/9/10 – Science Camp.

Term 3: Inf/Pr/Gr7 – Gum Leaves.

Term 4: All students – Maria Island.


Required materials

A reminder to all students and parents. All educational materials and food are provided, but students from Grade 4 need to bring and have with them each day a pencil case. Their pencil case should contain pencils, pens, a sharpener, glue stick, scissors and a ruler. Secondaries also need a protractor and a compass.

School picnic

Thursday February 4th. Weather permitting all students will leave school for a picnic lunch. This will be provided as usual.


Please read policy on school website. All students need a shading hat at school for outside times. Please note that students should be dressed for engagement in learning – closed shoes, no artificial nails or make-up.




Homework is an essential part of the secondary learning programme. English is set on Monday and is due completed on Thursday. Maths is set Monday and Wednesday and is due the next day. In week 1 English and Maths will be set Tuesday and Maths will be set Thursday.

Shakespeare in the Gardens

An evening excursion for all secondary students.

Note to follow.



Our Learning Management System is set so that secondary students’ parents can see their child’s progress and homework marks. Please contact Cheryl for help with accessing this.

New students will receive their login this week.


All Parents

Please contact Wilma for any concerns about your child’s progress or well-being. If a phone call is not answered, please send an email asking for a call back.



Please Return to school

Please enter your continuing or contact information so that we can keep your details current.


Parent/carer one



Telephone (day):

Telephone (mobile)

Email address:

Parent/carer two



Telephone (day):

Telephone (mobile):

Email address:

Wilma Lambert