School Culture

Lambert School is a successful place of learning that depends on harmonious relationships: Children should attend school with openness and readiness for learning, supported and encouraged by their parents, and be educated by highly qualified, enthusiastic, positive, creative and dedicated teachers. This three way bond of parents, teachers, students and the community is the basis of being an effective school.

Lambert School:

  • Builds a sense of community, identity and belonging that provides a positive, safe environment for quality learning at all times.
  • Is an inclusive school where respect for each other. Dignity and compassion are fostered.
  • Encourages difference while not allowing individual rights to dominate the rights of others.
  • Is primarily a place of learning while acknowledging other needs such as health, sense of wellbeing and acceptance.
  • Teachers adopt pedagogy to suit the learning needs of the student and adapt where students find learning more difficult.
  • Students who are deliberately and persistently negative, destructive or jeopardizing the learning and well-being of others will be asked to leave the school.
  • Learning is stimulating, rewarding and challenging with appropriate support to meet high standards.
  • Learning is relevant and focuses on the needs and aspirations of students.
  • Educators structure the curriculum so that students apply their learning in real world/authentic contexts.
  • Educators ensure that the curriculum incorporates rich and varied ways of making and communicating understanding.

Our aim is to provide Quality Teaching and Learning opportunities for all children to become successful learners, confident & creative individuals and active & informed citizens.